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Kim Ralls is the founder and CEO of REii and started his company in January 2004.

With years of business experience in private businesses, as well as government and non-profit organizations, Kim’s expertise is comprehensive. He has gone through the blood, sweat, and tears, and is uniquely qualified to train and coach entrepreneurs.

Kim recognizes that the business is the fuselage and the entrepreneur is the engine, in order for the two to take flight successfully. The human entrepreneur component is there to operate a business and the business needs to run smoothly so, the business owner also needs to be operating at high performance.

As such, the REii Accelerated Performance Coaching system was created to help entrepreneurs raise their level of performance higher, to achieve greater results now, and to be able to reach their goals, visions, and dreams for their business and their life’s purpose.

Kim is a strategic and intelligent owner of multiple businesses. Kim truly believes in, and is passionate about, the free enterprise system for achieving successful business ownership.

As a leading entrepreneur trainer, business performance coach, and successful business consultant, Kim has successfully helped train and coach entrepreneurial business owners at every level including an NFL Seahawk, to help him strategically grow his business.

Kim has also lead a business training company to successfully grow 250% over the past two years, helping the business expand in the Seattle metropolitan area.

Kim has created multiple courses in business, finance, management, and communication of which the Academy of Entrepreneurship is the flagship entrepreneurship course he has to offer today.

Kim believes you can make changes in your life to impact your family and your community leaving a legacy for generations to come through successful business ownership as an entrepreneur.


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